GED Prep

Earn your High School (HS) Credential

  • HS Graduates make an average of $7,800 more per year than a non-graduate

  • We help people finish HS or earn their HS Equivalency Certificate (GED)

Classes are designed to prepare students for the GED Test. Students are taught writing skills, math skills, and essay writing. Test-taking skills will also be taught. A variety of methods will be utilized, including cooperative learning, hands-on activities, and individualized instruction. There is a $25.00 Registration Fee for this program.

 The GED is a rigorous test and we strive to do what needs to be done in the quickest way possible.  Depending on the results of the placement test, many students need to do some pre-GED work by taking extra classes. 

Students who are age 18 or older as of July 1st, 2023 will be required to take a reading and math level test at registration prior to registering for courses. The tests and registration take approximately 2.5 hours total.

Please bring a copy of your driver's license, transcripts, and $25


● Small Class Sizes
● Individualized plan based on test scores and transcripts that will get 
learners finished ASAP
● Mentor Teachers assigned to every participant to guide them through their
individualized program


Joy Zug, Coordinator
Phone: (248) 588-5050 ext. 1520